Daugherty Science Internship (DSI)

THIS IS a unique, paid student teaching opportunity

The goal of the Daugherty Science Internship is to increase science teaching experience in Elementary Education. This opportunity is supported by a partnership between Sierra Nevada Journeys, the University of Nevada, Reno Colleges of Education and Science, and the Sandra A. Daugherty Foundation

Main features of the DSI program

  • Stipend interns will participate in a blended student teaching experience which includes seven weeks at a traditional school placement and seven weeks teaching science with Sierra Nevada Journeys, all to take place during students “internship” semester.

  • Interns observe and teach 20+ NGSS-based elementary science lessons and outdoor field science programs to a wide range of students across 1st - 6th grades under the direct supervision of Sierra Nevada Journeys education director and College of Education mentors.

  • The Daugherty Science Internship includes two weeks of training on science instruction with Sierra Nevada Journeys, including working with and observing University of Nevada, Reno College of Science researchers to experience cutting-edge, hands-on STEM research.

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