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Children exposed to early-age science are more likely to perform better throughout their schooling, graduate high school and pursue careers in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). Children exposed to nature and outdoor experiences at a young age are more likely to become good stewards of our environment in their adult years. Exposing children to science and nature is beneficial; however, this has come under threat – especially for low-income elementary schools.

The No Child Left Behind Act, almost two decades old, established a testing framework for elementary schools based on math and English. This forced subjects like art, history, science, and engineering to take a back seat. For example, 40 percent of elementary school teachers self-report that they teach less than an hour of science per week. This was a detrimental shift for science education in our state.

Yet, Sacramento is home to countless companies and government agencies who rely on an educated STEM workforce. Sacramento is an ideal environment for early-age science learning and an epicenter for statewide environmental policy. The motivators for early-age science and nature opportunities are present. The funding and resources to deliver quality programs unfortunately do not match.

Sierra Nevada Journeys provides in-class science programs, field-trips to local nature sites and multi-night science camps in the Sierra Mountain range. Additionally, we provide teacher development to help usher a wave of new teachers experienced in Next Generation Science Standards.

Our outdoor science programs have grown ten-fold in the Sacramento area in just 2.5 years – from 1,000 students in 2015 to over 10,000 students this school year. Over 80 percent of the students we have served in the Sacramento area are from low-income families. Additionally, 90 percent of the students we serve demonstrate a significant improvement in science standards based on assessment data.

Sierra Nevada Journeys exist to provide enriching experiences that complement and supplement formal science education within our communities, and to build the next generation of leaders, scientists and stewards.

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  • Sierra Health Foundation
  • Kelly Foundation
  • Irma Ceunis and Simone C Wynant Foundation
  • Dieter Family Foundation
  • Carerra-Joffe Foundation
  • Setzer Foundation
  • County of Sacramento – Water Resources
  • California Environmental Protection Agency

This map shows the field sites and schools that partner with Sierra Nevada Journeys for our science programs Classrooms Unleashed, Overnight Outdoor Learning, and Family Science Nights. Click on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the map to view legend.

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