Victor Gutierrez-Cuellar


Part-Time Educator

Victor Gutierrez was born and raised near Mexico City, Mexico. In his teenage years, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he developed a passion for conservation and education. From a young age, Victor has been drawn to the vast open ocean and dreams of exploring its uncharted depths on our beautiful planet and elsewhere in our solar system. His passion for the ocean led him to pursue a minor in oceanography at the University of California, Davis while he majored in global environmental and human health as an international relations discipline.

While studying ocean sciences, he came across education opportunities through the Math and Science Teaching Program (MAST) offered by the UC Davis School of Education. After becoming a MAST Fellow and conducting independent research at the Bodega Marine Laboratory, he turned his research findings into science curriculum for K-12 classrooms. Upon graduation from UC Davis, he began working with the California Waterfowl Association as a field education intern throughout the Sacramento area wetlands. Soon after, he started his internship with Sierra Nevada Journeys in February 2016 and then came on staff as a Part-Time Educator in August 2017. Victor hopes to help others discover the wonders of the natural world around them while fostering conservation for a sustainable future.

Victor loves to spend time with his family and pets. He feels more at home in nature, so he hikes and kayaks anywhere along the California coast or the mighty Sierra Nevada range whenever possible.

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