Mickie Tang


Part-Time Educator

Mickie was born and raised in Sacramento, Calif. where she grew up climbing trees with her cousins and watching her grandma grow Chinese vegetables in their backyard. She has fond memories of attending an environmental education center as a child and of family trips that inspired her love for road trips, camping, and the outdoors.

 In high school, she became interested in plant biology and went on to study ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz. There, she gained experience in plant ecology, restoration, conservation, and research. Her love for the outdoors grew, and she spent much of her time working and playing outside. At the same time, she became deeply invested in social justice. 

 After she graduated from UC Santa Cruz, Mickie continued her work in ecology as a research assistant for a nature reserve managed by The Audubon Society, a biological technician for the US Forest Service, a restoration specialist for an ecology lab at UC Santa Barbara, and a mentor for the UC Santa Cruz Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program. Her goal is to make science and the outdoors welcome to all by working at the intersection of science, education, and social justice. Mickie is happy and grateful to be a part of Sierra Nevada Journeys’ education team.

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