Alex Sanchez


Part-Time Educator

She was born and raised in Sacramento, California on occupied Plains Miwok/Nisenan land. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Pomona College in Calaremont, California.

For Alex, her first experiences with outdoor education came in the form of food and water. Harvesting squash flowers and corn mushrooms for dinner at her grandmother’s home; scavenging for garambullos (a small oblong edible berry), tunas (commonly called prickly pears), and chilis in local cacti; and trekking with her cousins to mountain swimming holes after a heavy summer rain. More than a decade later, Alex rediscovered her connection with the rest of the living world when she ventured out of the lab and into the field for ecology courses at her college. From there, Alex served as a research assistant for a study on Western scrub-jay territories and helped with surveys on post-wildfire bird populations and the effect of campus buildings on bird collisions.

Influenced by mentors found through community work, the humanities and sciences, Alex plans to explore different models for STEM education — especially those that center social justice and reciprocal relationships between living and non-living beings.

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