Jake Beltran

Jake Beltran_final.jpg

Residential Outdoor Science Instructor

Jake grew fond of the outdoors and wildlife while growing up in Southern California and its various environments. Him and his family often took camping trips to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and after so many trips, he decided that one day he would work there.

Jake has a passion for working with youth. After studying recreation/leisure studies as well as childhood development in college, he explored various avenues of working with children in Orange County. To name a few, he was a preschool teacher, created teen programs, coached sports for eight years, and also supervised summer day camps.

Jake often took trips to different forestries in California. He then explored more of western America and found himself in the Colorado Rockies. There his love grew for nature like never before and he decided that he wanted to work in the outdoors going forward.

He heard about Sierra Nevada Journeys from a good friend that he met while in Colorado and thought it would be a great opportunity to combine both his love for nature and working with youth. Without realizing it until his first day on the job, he fulfilled his childhood dream of working in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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