Greggor Manning

Kitchen Manager
kitchen (at) sierranevadajourneys (dot) org

Greggor started cooking at the early age of 10 with his grandma. They enjoyed cooking spaghetti together -- the traditional kind! Fresh tomatoes, homemade sauce, and a splash of Italian wine.

Cooking in the family is a tradition! His oldest daughter has been taking cooking classes and wants to be a cook just like her dad, his son lends a hand in the kitchen at home, and his youngest daughter sits on the counter mixing fresh ingredients in a bowl.

His passion for cooking can be tasted everyday of the week at Sierra Nevada Journeys' Grizzly Creek Ranch campus. After a long day outside exploring, children need a nutritious and fulfilling meal. Him and his kitchen team masterfully put together a meal that all kids enjoy, even the pickiest of eaters. He's also known for his ability to cook a mean vegetarian dish.

Greggor is inspired by Emeril Lagasse. He enjoys how upbeat Emeril is in the kitchen and loves his style and flair!

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