Frequently Asked Questions

about Grizzly Creek Ranch

Q: Is Grizzly Creek Ranch staff available and present while our group is using the facility?

Yes. At Grizzly Creek Ranch there is a fully trained and certified instructor present whenever the camp is occupied. The Executive Director lives on campus.

Q: What are the costs involved in booking my program at Grizzly Creek Ranch? Is there a security or damage deposit? 

Grizzly Creek Ranch contracts a per-person, per-night fee for your group’s visit. The fee includes meals, accommodations and all the activities your group arranges with the program team. We require a non-refundable portion of your fee as a deposit to hold your spot, but do not charge a security or damage deposit.

Q: What is included in my stay at Grizzly Creek Ranch?

Accommodations and experiences. Grizzly Creek Ranch offers cabins with bunk beds, meals, access to the ranch’s instructional and recreational venues, and an on-site health center. Instructor-facilitated programming is included in the standard fee. Your experience also includes beautiful Sierra Nevada vistas and wildlife sightings!

Q: What kinds of activities are possible at Grizzly Creek Ranch?

Our offerings center upon experiential, outdoor, STEM-based learning. We offer our Outdoor Overnight Learning Program, our Leadership and Collaborative Problem-Solving or Challenge Course and Summer Camp Programs.

Q: Does Sierra Nevada Journeys offer programming for our group?

Grizzly Creek Ranch's certified fully trained instructional staff provides a wide range of programs available for your group’s objectives and preferences. Each curricula and venue can be uniquely tailored and cover the range from recreational to instructional; from the engaging and interesting to the profound. Our curricula is centered on science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM-based education programs for youth to develop critical thinking and to inspire natural resource stewardship. Examples of our venues include low and high ropes courses for leadership and collaborative problem-solving exercises, swimming pool, fishing and kayaking pond, and an archery range.

Q: What sleeping arrangements are available?

The maximum capacity of Grizzly Creek Ranch is 224 beds. We have four villages, each with three cabins and one activity center. Each cabin has a separate unisex bathroom and a communal sink. Each activity center has one gender-specific shower room, as well as bathrooms for the Village.

  • The Green and Silver Villages each offer 12 beds per cabin and 12 beds in the Activity Center for a Village total of 48 beds.

  • The Blue and Red Villages each offer 12 beds per cabin and two beds in the Activity Centers for a Village total of 38 beds. The Blue Activity Center houses the campus Arts and Crafts Center and the Red Activity Center houses the Campus Health Center.

  • Copper cabins are able to sleep 26 each, for a total of 52, in a semi-dormitory format. Copper cabins have a central meeting space and are equipped with a sink and storage cabinets in a kitchenette style. Each also has four bedrooms that can be closed off and made accessible via its own entry. Each Copper cabin contains three separate toilet rooms; one separate shower room; one separate shower-toilet room, and four communal sinks.

Q: Are cabins heated and air-conditioned?

Each cabin is heated but none are air-conditioned. Summertime weather is temperate due to our 5,000 feet of elevation and being ensconced in a wonderful coniferous forest. Besides, you will be spending most of your time outside enjoying your programs and the pristine yellow-pine forest air.

Q: Are there restrooms in each cabin?

Yes. Each cabin is equipped with a separate modern toilet room.

Q: Is campus ADA accessible?

Yes. The entire campus is ADA certified and accessible. Notably, so is our swimming pool that is also equipped with lifts as well as ramps.

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve a space?

We can book within two months of your stay depending on availability. Summer Camp booking starts in November for the following summer season.

Q: Are spaces available year round?

No. The Grizzly Creek Ranch campus is open early March until mid-November.

Q: What kinds of meals are available during our stay?

The Grizzly Creek Ranch kitchen and staff produce “incred-edible” menus able to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. From vegan, vegetarian, kosher, hallal (halaal), to gluten-free and nut-free we can do it all and in very tasty and creative ways. The Plumas County Health Inspector has cited the Grizzly Creek Ranch kitchen as being the best run and highest-compliance facility in the county.

Q: Can I hire outside vendors? (Caterers, DJs, etc.)

Yes, but there are limits on food services. Commissioning outside vendors such as instructional programs, speakers, and DJs, is permitted though in some instances with additional campus fees. Food vendors e.g. caterers are also permissible but the vendors are not allowed to use the Grizzly Creek Ranch kitchen facilities, equipment or serving sets.

Q: Am I permitted to serve alcohol at my event?

Grizzly Creek Ranch does not have a state liquor license. It is permissible to have alcohol on campus only when your group has purchased exclusive use of the campus or the campus is not hosting any other groups, youth groups in particular.

Q: What if there is damage to the facility during my rental?

Your group is responsible for all intentional loss of and damage done to the facility, equipment and venues up to and including the replacement value or maintenance cost.

Q: Can I get a refund for my facility reservation if the weather is poor?

In general, we do not refund due to weather. The Grizzly Creek Ranch experience centers upon the outdoor experience in its many and various forms and we are prepared to deliver programs in all our conditions. Our refund policy is that your initial deposit is not refundable and depending upon when you cancel, your entire fee or a portion may not be either. 

Q: Can I schedule a tour of the site before making a reservation?

Yes! Please contact the Campus Executive Director, Mark Owen, to make an appointment.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available?

Limited Wi-Fi capability is available. Due to the remote location, local cell phone and internet services are generally slower and frequently “drop.” Most groups specifically come to Grizzly Creek Ranch campus to unplug. Being at Grizzly Creek Ranch is a great opportunity to access the therapeutic benefits of being close to nature and the outdoors. 

Q: Do I need to clean up after my event?

No, for general use we have that covered. Please be respectful, though. Additional fees for added housekeeping and grounds maintenance costs may accompany excessive disregard for our natural setting.

Q: Do you have audio visual support for presentations?

Yes. The Grizzly Creek Ranch Lodge is fully equipped with a standard set of audio visual equipment and capability. Specialized equipment, however, will be the responsibility of your group.

Q: Is there parking available at your location?

Yes, but it is limited and large vehicles such RVs, semi-tractor trailers etc. cannot be hosted.

Q: Can I bring my pets?

No pets are allowed at Grizzly Creek Ranch. Certified and registered service animals are welcome but arrangements need to be made in advance of your stay with us.


Online Health Information and Permission Form. For parents and guardians to complete permission forms prior to your child attending Overnight Outdoor Learning at Grizzly Creek Ranch with their school.