Nature's Transformers - NV - 1st Grade


In this four-lesson unit, students build literacy skills while learning about biomimicry — the process of using nature to help solve human problems. Through the integration of Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science as well as Content Standards for Language Arts, students work collaboratively to read informational text, gather information, practice asking questions based on their observations, and discuss ideas with peers to develop solutions to human problems using the natural world as a guide.

To supplement the lessons taught by Sierra Nevada Journeys, teachers will have access to our extension curriculum. The extensions include a pre-unit lesson, extension activities for the in-school and field-based lessons, and a post-unit lesson to wrap up the program.

Lessons Overview

LESSON 1: With a Tail Like This? 

During this 60-minute lesson students will explore the relationship between the structure of an external part and its function through the study of various animals. Students will read an informational text along with the teacher and use a graphic organizer to write and draw about the structure and function of external parts that animals use to survive.  

LESSON 2: Relating Structure and Function

During this 60-minute lesson students learn about the way organisms have adapted to survive, grow, and meet their needs; specifically, students will investigate ways nature has solved problems through the development of adaptations. During the lesson students begin to identify problems, ask questions about the topic, and gather information about the ways nature has solved a problem to help humans.   


Students spend the morning (90 minutes) exploring connections with structures and functions in their local schoolyard to identify patterns in nature; they also explore for familiar shapes and how they can help humans solve problems.


Students spend the afternoon in their final 60-minute lesson learning the concept of biomimicry as it relates to humans; specifically, the ways humans have used nature to help them solve problems. Students will work in small groups to engineer a “marker box” based on shapes found in nature to see which three dimensional shapes can hold the most markers.

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This lesson is developed for Nevada Academic Content Standards in Science and ELA, derived from Common Core and NGSS: 

Science: PE: 1-LS1-1, SE, DCI LS1.A, CC, PE: K-2-ETS1-1; ELA: RI.1.7, W.1.2, W.1.7

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