2018 Annual Report

“We’re wild about the future!”

On a sixth grade field trip, Shanda bounded off her school bus and stood staring, wide-eyed, at Lake Tahoe. She asked, “Are there sharks in this ocean?” As our Founder dug into the WHY behind such a simple question, he learned that this was Shanda’s first time in the mountains and opportunity to experience science hands-on. This ‘aha moment’ ignited Sierra Nevada Journeys in 2007, and ten years later, we’ve used our classrooms, rivers, and nearby mountains to deliver top-tier science
education to change the trajectory for more than 100,000 underserved kids.

Today, we’re the solution for nearly 200 elementary schools across northeastern California and northern Nevada. We deliver rigorous in-class and field science programs that get kids to think like, act like, and become scientists. And, despite growing all our programs in the double digits annually, over the past five years, we still have waitlists of teachers, parents, and community organizations eager to get their kids in our programs.

We are deeply grateful to our stakeholders, financial partners, volunteers, and our outstanding employees. In our next decade, we are looking ahead to grow and serve the diverse needs of our community through incredible learning experiences. We are also indebted to our Board of Directors for their dedication and leadership.

Together, we’ll transform classrooms into incubators of innovation that change children’s life trajectories through outdoor science education.


Mark Burrell, Chariman of the Board, and Eaton Dunkelberger, CEO


We are committed to financial transparency

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