Sierra Nevada Journeys' 2015 Annual Report

building healthy communities through education

From the freedom to explore comes the joy of learning.
— Edward O. Wilson

The past year has been exciting. Since our inception in 2006 we are proud to have served more than 70,000 students and in 2015 we served over 16,500 students. We opened a new Sacramento office to better serve Northern California and we continue to grow in Northern Nevada. We developed 1st and 6th grade programs to round out our elementary school offerings, and we also increased the number of programs tailored to children with special needs and children of color to increase accessibility. We anticipate serving nearly 20,000 students in 2016.

At Sierra Nevada Journeys, we are actively creating a future where all students in our region are prepared to live healthy, successful lives through motivating, unique childhood education experiences. By focusing on outdoor science education, we are building healthy communities in Northern California and Northern Nevada, with a next generation of children ready to participate in the influx of STEM careers in our region.

Sierra Nevada Journeys teaches science and engineering to students in hands-on, natural environments. We use the state science standards and developmental milestones applicable to each age group we serve to tailor high-quality programs to student need. Our focus on elementary aged students for most of our programs gives us the opportunity to build early passion for science and the outdoors, which is demonstrated in research literature as a critical component of long-term student interest and engagement.

As our programs continue to grow, we are committed to community-wide accessibility. As a direct result of our fundraising efforts, over 55 percent of the children we served in 2015 came from low-income households. The commitment of our funding partners to education accessibility is tremendous, and as we look to the future, Sierra Nevada Journeys is eager to continue to deepen current partnerships and add new supporters to the important mission of accessibility of high quality education opportunities for all youth.

We could not have done this without the engagement and support of our incredible stakeholders, financial partners, volunteers and gifted professional team. We are deeply indebted to our Board of Directors for their extraordinary contribution and their strategic guidance. Thank you for your commitment to our mission; through our work together we are preparing our region’s next generation of leaders, scientists and stewards.


Mark Burrell and Eaton Dunkelberger

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